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The 9-stage super filtration system deals with:


-Dust particles



-Muddy water

-Eliminates bad odors

-Eliminates bad flavors

-Removes or reduces chlorine

-Removes heavy metals soluble in water

-Controls incrustation even in hot water

-Controls bacteria and algae

-Removes or reduces iron

-Removes or reduces hydrogen sulfate

-Can remove up to 99% of lead, mercury, nickel, chromium and other dissolved metals in water

-Eliminates the need for expensive and dangerous chemicals

-Apply REDOX to water

-Removes arsenic, sulfur, chloramine, cadmium, mercury aluminum and other metals


It can be configured to attack a specific problem or several at the same time -Products with international NSF certification, NSF / ANSI standard 42, comply with the California health and safety code law AB1953


Specifications :

-High vertical flow: * 29,400 liters per hour velocity 5.6 ft / s 3 inch pipe

-High operating pressure: Up to 100 PSI

-Water flow: * 130 GPM velocity 5.6 ft / s 3 inch pipe

-Weight: 13 kg Empty unit

I-Inlet and outlet: 3 inches

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