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Otter Well Water Filter


The Otter Residential Water Filter is an inline water filter designed for homeowners who depend on well water for their water supply source. The Otter Filter utilizes a fine mesh stainless steel (SST) screen to filter out contaminants such as; sand, rust, dirt and scale, prior to entering your water supply system. This protects your water supply from contaminants that can damage your appliances, faucets, tubs, showers and outside watering systems such as: sprinkers, drip emmiters and misters. MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION Body  Constructed of 304/304L SST Pipe meeting ASTM A778 specificaitons.  Threaded Female Outlets are 304 SST with threads conforming to ASNI B1.20.1.  All Standard Gaskets are EPDM.  Cross Bolt Lid Connection  304 Stainless Steel Lid.  Cast Iron Cross Bar.  304 Stainless Steel Tee Handle. Screen  Perforated Screen Backing is 304 Stainless Steel.  Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is 316 Stainless Steel.  Otter Filter Screens are offered with 60 or 120 mesh sizes. Standard Fittings Supplied w/ Otter Filter  (One) - ¾” Forged Brass Ball valve w/ PTFE packing. (Non-Lead).  (One) - ¾” Brass Relief Valve w/ Stainless Steel Spring and Retaining Screw & Buna-N Sealing Disc (Non-Lead).  (One) – 2 ½” Liquid Filled Pressure Guage 0-100 PSI (Stainless Steel).  (One) Choice of 60 or 120 Mesh Filter Screen. Features  Meets California AB1953 (Lead Free).  Pressure Rating of 120 PSI.  Maximum Flow of 80 GPM.  Screen Size: 60 Mesh (233 Micron) & 120 Mesh (118 Micron).  Inlet & Discharge Port Size is 2” Female NPT.  Designed for easy installation.  Washable Filter Element.

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