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Ecoflow Water conditioner

Its not a filter , is not a softener , its an Ecoflow !!  The most advanced water conditioner in the world   !!

Water and air sterilization 

Kill virus , bacteria and micro organism from the water and air supply

Professional water filtration

Is not just another filter they are heavy duty professional filters built to last  !

Reverse Osmosis

Develop with space tech , gives you  99-99.99% clean water , even filters bacteria  and harmful chemicals   

filtro centrifugo ru sw.jpg

Spin down sediment filters and sediment trapper 

Save Water ! this valve can save you up to 50% on your water bill.


Simple but powerful with the right cartridge, with ours it will be the best !

filtro 9 etapas b  (1).jpg

Super Filtration Filter, with 9 stages will solve almost water related problem !

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