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Protect your home, your business, your health and others, your appliances in contact with water.


Our Whole House Redox Heavy Metal Removal Filter removes hazardous contaminants and heavy metals from the water supply and provides clean water for drinking, showering, cooking and other commercial uses.


Our Redox filter captures: heavy metals, iron, manganese, lead, arsenic, nickel, cadmium, bacteria, sulfur, algae, viruses, hydrogen sulfide, chromium, fungi, mercury, chlorine, chloramine, microorganisms, copper, aluminum and more.


Enjoy 12 months (depends on water quality and origin) of protection with our Redox filter.


The Redox filter works for an entire house or building, it can supply up to 20 gallons of water per minute.


The filter operates at 45 to 80 psi and water temperatures between 4-38 ° C.


-This filter has NSF international certification, NSF / ANSI standart 42, complies with the California health and safety code law AB1953

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